Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Three Hazards An Emergency Electrician Can Help You With After A Storm

emergency-electrician-3-300x214.jpgSome of the dangers posed to the safety of an emergency electrician happen after floods and hurricanes. Among the most common ones are fallen power lines while other dangers are less visible. After a storm, the response and recovery, and emergency electrician Wilmington, NC, and other workers will be brought in from distant places to help with the clean up and repair. It’s important for all workers to know the possible electrical hazards that they may face and get the right PPE and safety training for the tasks they face. Here are three of the possible electrical dangers that electrical contractors and even homeowners should watch out for.

3 Dangers That An Emergency Electrician May Face After A Storm

Backfed Power Lines Although the method is highly discouraged, and in certain areas, illegal, homeowners would link generators directly to their home’s electrical outlet. This could cause the current to back feed into the utility, which would create an electrocution danger for electricians who are trying to fix the downed line. Flooded Basement The flooded basements could also pose an electrocution danger, even when the area doesn’t have power, because of the likelihood of backfed current from the generator of their neighbors. Flooding could also damage the circuit breakers as well as other overcurrent protective equipment, water in the basement, which has been flooded, could possibly be electrified. Wet carpets could also be an electrical conductor, just like a puddle of water, so you need to be careful. Overcurrent Protective Equipment and Water Damaged Electrical Devices In case the electrical device got wet, you need to have it inspected by a qualified electrician before it can be used. Keep in mind that floodwater may be polluted with sewage, chemicals, debris, and pollutants. These contaminants could corrode as well as damage wires that have been insulated, similar to the consequences when these wires are exposed to moisture. Fuses, SPD’s, AFCI’s, GFCI’s, and fuses are overcurrent protective devices that may have been submerged after a typhoon or during a flood should be replaced right away. Just like you should not reuse a deployed car airbag or a child car seat following an accident, you should not use this safety equipment after a flood. There’s no guarantee that they will function correctly after getting compromised in such a way. Change them right away.

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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

How Can An Emergency Electrician Help You Before, During, and After a Hurricane?

emergency-electrician-2-300x200.jpgHurricanes come with numerous potential dangers. Floodwater, strong winds, and the general impact of hurricanes can be devastating to homes, families, and businesses. This is the reason why every household should prepare for hurricane season. Among other things, electrical safety must one of the priorities. If you still have some unresolved electrical issues at home, now is the perfect time to call an emergency electrician. It is best to fix all electrical problems before hurricane season reaches its peak.

Here are some tips from a local emergency electrician before, during, and after a major storm:

Before the storm:
  • Keep phones and all communication devices charged.
  • Be sure to keep all electronics in elevated areas, away from floodwater.
  • If your home does not have a whole-house surge protector, be sure to turn off your circuit breakers before the storm hits your area.
  • Hire an emergency electrician Wilmington, NC for the installation of standby generators. As for using portable generators, follow the guidelines listed in the manual.
During the storm:
  • Do not operate portable generators inside closed and poorly ventilated areas. Use portable generators accordingly as prescribed in the manual.
  • Never directly connect a generator to a building’s electrical system unless a transfer switch has been installed by a licensed electrician.
After the storm:
  • Hire WHS Electricians LLC to inspect any water-damaged electrical equipment. Never use any equipment that has been exposed to or submerged in water. Be sure to have an electrician check everything before usage.
  • Do not turn on the circuit breakers unless a thorough inspection of your system has been completed.
  • Be sure to report any downed power lines to your electrical company. Never go near downed power lines. Always assume that they are live to avoid electrocution.
  • Avoid flooded areas since they could be electrified. Even non-conductive materials can conduct electricity when wet.
After a hurricane, it is important to hire an electrical contractor to assess your home’s electrical system. There are instances wherein the damages are not apparent which is why a thorough examination must be done. In order to make sure that all electrical components are working, an inspection must be made and electrical repair is done. As for hiring an electrician, be sure that you hire someone who is licensed, insured, and has a good reputation in the industry. Never deal with anyone who is marketing their services for twice the price. There will be some storm chasers that will take advantage of the vulnerable. Be sure that you are not one of these people who fall victim to scammers. Only hire an electrician who can deliver good results in a time when you need one the most.

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Monday, August 9, 2021

How Important Is It To Hire an Emergency Electrician?

emergency-electrician-1-300x200.jpgThe use of electricity is ubiquitous nowadays. In fact, we live in homes that are powered by electricity and we use appliances that need the power to function. With that said, it can be troublesome to be in a situation where your outlets are broken, your lights aren’t working properly, your appliances aren’t turning on, or perhaps there’s no electricity in your household. With any kind of electrical concern, it is important to hire an emergency electrician. To restore the normal operation of your home’s electrical system, an electrician must be called in.

How important is an emergency electrician?

The short answer is that they are invaluable. Just like other professions out there, electricians hold an irreplaceable role in society. Without the brave men and women who work tirelessly to deliver electricity to our homes, it is impossible to live the modern kind of life. The installation, upgrade, or repair of electrical components must be done by a licensed emergency electrician Wilmington, NC. These professionals are trained to provide top-quality electrical services for everyone regardless of the hour. Instances that call for an emergency electrician:
  • Exposed wires – it is never safe to have exposed wires at home. Exposed wiring could lead to electrocution and possibly house fires.
  • Electrical wires in contact with water – a mixture of water and electricity never ends well. When electrical wiring is in contact or is submerged in water, you should call WHS Electricians LLC.
  • Smoke coming out of electrical outlets – it’s always a bad sign when smoke is coming out of electrical outlets. Always call an electrician for electrical repair.
  • Switches are warm to the touch – when switches are warm to the touch, it’s a sign that you need an emergency electrician.
Ways on how to hire an emergency electrician: License and certification With some careers, tradesperson might have years of gotten experience on duty, nevertheless no official recognition or qualifications. Nevertheless, with an electrical contractor, there are particular market standards that you require to keep an eye out for. This is to see to it that all the electrical job is risk-free, in addition to will certainly absent a danger to yourself as well as other people in your house. Check out credibility and experience When picking an electric contractor, do not hesitate to request their referrals from previous tasks in addition to also concerning their qualifications. A lot of electrical experts have special accreditations, credentials or she or he could be a master electrical contractor. These included aspects about your selected electrical specialist can make them the best for the work you wish to be done. Request for service guarantee You can similarly inspect if your electrical expert will certainly offer you some sort of guarantee working. It's great to consider that you do not plan to pick an individual that might reject treating a mistake that they made or an individual that will certainly reject to repair the problem that occurs after a month or a week in the future. So acknowledging whether they offer guarantees will certainly assist you to see if you can rely upon along with relying upon the electrical expert when upgrades are required.

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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

What Are Some Great Tips on Finding An Emergency Electrician?

emergency-electrician-300x200.jpgRegardless of how well your home was built, you will need an emergency electrician at some point. Basically, you don’t just need an electrician for repairs. You will also need one in case you need wiring upgrades, lighting addition, and other tasks. However, there are electrical emergencies that require the expertise of an electrician such as problems with the electrical panel, circuit breaker issues, or when you don’t have electricity in your home for no apparent reason. If you don’t have any experience hiring one, don’t worry. Hiring an electrician is not rocket science. All you need is the right information.

Here’s a list of tips on how you can find yourself a reliable electrician:

Ask for referrals It is always a good idea to start by asking the people you know. Your family, friends, or even your neighbors might give a few names. When you go look for an emergency electrician Wilmington, NC, be sure that you exhaust all of your resources before going to the internet. There’s a good reason why you should do this. Things could get pretty complicated over the internet since you’ve got a lot to choose from. Sometimes, to get the things you need, you just have to ask around. Take your search online When doing things offline doesn’t pan out, your best option is to look for an electrician online. Nowadays, almost every company out there has some sort of online presence. Whether it is their own website, profiles on social media platforms, or other forms, most companies have at least one or two means of showcasing themselves through the internet. If you need electrical repair, you should be able to get thousands of results. Not that you need all of them but having quick options counts a lot when you are faced with an electrical emergency. Check for license and credentials When looking for an electrician, be sure to check if the company has a license to operate or not. Also, check for the license of the electrician who will be working in your home. Basically, a license is the most important bit about hiring a contractor. If they don’t have this one credential under their belt, don’t hire them. To begin with, having a license means the electrician has gone through every proper channel. Ask for references An electrical contractor with a lot of happy customers will not have a hard time giving out references. It is important to ask for references to double-check the claims of the electrician. Getting to talk to previous clients is one way of confirming the capacities of an electrician. Ask for written quotes When you search for an electrician, be sure to ask them for a written quote. A lot of things could get lost in translation during a verbal conversation. That’s why you should always get a written quote. An electrician like WHS Electricians LLC offers written quotes and does everything in writing to protect your interests.

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Monday, July 26, 2021

At What Time Should You Call On An Emergency Electrician?

emergency-Electrician-3-300x199.jpgWhen you come home to a flooded basement, it’s obvious that you need to call an emergency plumber. For electrical emergencies, you need the services of an emergency electrician. However, unlike plumbing emergencies, electrical problems are not that apparent. The signs of an electrical emergency might not be as glaring as water flowing out of your toilet or bathroom. On the other hand, once you get familiar with the signs of an electrical emergency, they are fairly easy to detect. This will allow you to buy enough time to call an electrician and wait for them to arrive.

Instances where you need to call on an emergency electrician:

Your home is flooded One of the easiest ways to know when you need an emergency electrician Wilmington, NC is when your home is flooded. Flooding is no joke. Everything in your home could get damaged by floodwater. This includes some, if not all, of your electrical appliances. Your electrical system might also be affected. Regardless of how your home is flooded, you need to call an electrician once the water has subsided and the area is safe to work on. Electrical outlets and wiring will be damaged by the floodwater. They need to be repaired or replaced. Your electrical outlets are burnt, emitting heat or the plastic faceplate is melting Floor or no flood, electrical outlets might experience some issues. When you notice that your electrical outlets are burnt, it’s not something that you should brush aside. You need electrical repair and fast. Burnt electrical outlets mean a short circuit has happened. When there are already signs of burning, your home could be at risk of an electrical fire. Be sure to call your electrician when you see signs that your electrical outlets have been burnt. On the other hand, it’s not just a burnt outlet that you should be worried about. When the outlets are emitting heat or when the faceplate has melted, you should take quick action and call an expert. Your lights go out Unless there’s a power outage in your area, the lights in your home should not go out. When you can’t seem to turn the lights back on even after resetting the circuit breakers in the service panel, you need to call WHS Electricians LLC. The problem could be something bigger. You hear buzzing electricity You shouldn’t be able to detect any noise when you use electricity in your home. However, when you hear strange noises like buzzing sounds when you turn on the lights or on other occasions, you need to call an electrician. These noises often signal a problem that could be waiting to blow up. Buzzing noises indicate a problem that needs to be fixed right away. If not found and fixed, the issues could escalate and become greater issues later on.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

What Are Some Signs of an Imminent Electrical Emergency?

emergency-electrician-2-300x200.jpgIt’s great to live in a world with modern-day conveniences. Everything turns on with just a flick of a switch or a press of a button and it is all powered by electricity. However, the use of electricity doesn’t come without any drawbacks. Every home needs to be equipped with electrical safety measures to ensure that every person is safe. On the other hand, there will be instances of electrical emergencies. In such cases, you should call an emergency electrician right away. Never attempt to repair any kind of electrical problem on your own. Always seek the services of an electrician for proper handling.

Here are some signs that you might need to call an emergency electrician

Burning odors Any kind of burning odor that comes from appliances, walls, cords, or electrical outlets is cause for concern. You should never underestimate these odors as they might lead to electrical fires later on. To keep safe, unplug the affected item and call an emergency electrician Wilmington, NC. Do it quickly to keep the possible damages to a minimum. It would help to have a fire extinguisher around in case a fire breaks out. Carbone monoxide Carbon monoxide poisoning kills hundreds of people each year. Carbon monoxide comes from various sources including poorly installed or failing appliances. Experts suggest installing a carbon monoxide detector to prevent poisoning. Also, call an electrician for electrical repair when you first notice problems with any of your electrical components. Scorching electrical panel Your electrical panel should never emit any kind of heat. However, when it does give off heat, it is alarming. Call WHS Electricians LLC right away to make sure that the problem is solved before it could spread. Tips on hiring an emergency electrician Check their reputation The first thing to do is to check their reputation. Do an online search and check whether the electrician you have in mind is great at handling customer concerns. Only choose an electrician with stellar reviews. That way, you can steer clear of any that might not provide the best services. Check if they have a license and insurance What you need in an electrician is their expertise, experience, and credibility. In order for an electrician to gain credibility, he or she must first acquire a license. The electrician must also have an active insurance policy in place. Check the services they offer Be sure that the electrician offers emergency services. You’ll never know when you’ll be in an electrical emergency. However, that’s not all. The electrician must also offer a range of services starting from simple repairs to major tasks like upgrades and installation. Check if their rates are worth the money Lastly, do check if the electrician offers their services at a reasonable rate. Gather quotes from various sources to check if the rates provided are reasonable and not overpriced. Don’t solely base your decisions on price, though. Follow the tips above to get hire the best electrician around.

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Monday, July 12, 2021


emergency-electrician-1-300x200.jpgMost of the modern-day conveniences we know are mostly powered by electricity. When you come to think about it, a lot of things could go wrong with one faulty strand of wire. Despite the utmost care, there will be instances of electrical emergencies. But there’s no need to fret. You can always call on an emergency electrician to come and save the day. But what are examples of electrical emergencies? Check out the rest of this article to know more about electrical emergencies, what to do, and who to call.

Common electrical dilemmas that need the expertise of an emergency electrician:

Electrical shocks and dangerous situations One of the most pressing situations is the risk of electrocution. When you find an exposed electrical wire, it can potentially put people at risk. There are also other ways of getting electrocuted at home. If you notice anything out of the ordinary that could possibly lead to electrical shocks, call your local emergency electrician Wilmington, NC right away. Bear in mind that electricity from your electrical outlet and other sources could quickly kill a person in a matter of seconds. Prolonged electrocution could damage nerves, muscles, or can even cause death. When you have small children at home, it is best to call an electrician and add safety measures to each and every electrical outlet for added safety. Power outages Power outages are not common. However, when your electric company isn’t at fault and your neighbors are seemingly not affected by the outage, you know there’s a problem. You should call an electrician for electrical repair right away. Don’t try to assess the problem on your own. Working with electricity is even dangerous for a trained electrician. There’s even greater danger when a person with no relative skills tries to deal with electrical problems on his own. Electrical fires An electrical fire can be brought about by different situations. A short circuit, an electrical overload, or faulty electrical components can all result in an electrical fire. In case you notice that smoke is coming out of your electrical outlet, quickly turn off the circuit breakers and call an electrician. It is important to contain the problem as quickly as possible. The fastest and easiest way to contain the problem is to shut off the power leading to the affected electrical outlet or component. Afterward, call an electrician. Power issues at night It is not the most pleasant thing when your heating turns off in the middle of the night because of a power issue. When you experience power problems at home, regardless of the hour, be sure to call an expert like WHS Electricians LLC. Some electrical problems that cause power outages can be minor while others are more serious. The only way to know the severity of the problem is through a thorough inspection and professional electrical repair.

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